the Ramp

Malaya Tuyay at The Ramp Gallery

PRACTICING MEMORY Everything I am today is because of the memory of someone else. I am the culmination of family and community that came before me. I want to take this moment in the Ramp Gallery to celebrate the people who got me here and thank them for all they have taught me. I want to practice my own version of memory and documenting hxstories that came before me and the hxstory I am a part [...]

Fabiola Gamino – 415 Eyes at The Ramp Gallery

Las Caras De Las Calles Fabiola Gamino embodies her art; you see her work, you see Fabiola through it. Feeling like Esperanza in, The House on Mango Street, while walking down the colors of 24th, on an empty bus under the rain, swinging open her front gate to a volume of neighbors, each a parallel of another unit. San Francisco is poetry in itself. Running into her sisters, pieces of a childhood— people she tries to [...]

Vasudhaa Narayanan at The Ramp Gallery

Kutty - The Youngest One My grandparents are from Madurai, a small temple town in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Having migrated to Nigeria when I was 3, I visited them in the summers and occasional winters, always dreading the harsh heat, my grandparents' company and their Tamilian identity - their rituals, prayers, festivals, and habits embarrassed me. I rejected them as an attempt to present myself as a modern cosmopolitan city child. Now as [...]

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