March 14, 2020 - April 20, 2020


Everything I am today is because of the memory of someone else. I am the culmination of family and community that came before me. I want to take this moment in the Ramp Gallery to celebrate the people who got me here and thank them for all they have taught me. I want to practice my own version of memory and documenting hxstories that came before me and the hxstory I am a part of now. There is something powerful in the practice of documenting our own stories. I want to celebrate that power and encourage it within our communities, especially queer communities of color*. 

*As a queer person of color, my highest priority is to center other queer folks of color. While I use the broad term “person of color”, I also want us to acknowledge the harm this generalization does by lumping many different experiences and positionalities into one easily digestible title. 

About the artist

Malaya Tuyay is from small-town Carpinteria, but now works and lives in the Bay Area. She is still figuring out how to feel solid in the intersections of her queer mixed Pilipinx-American identity, and channels the legacies of print and textile mediums to open up about her relationship with mourning her mother. She wants to use her practice to offer affirmation to others within the community who haven’t been given space to talk about the pain they hold. By doing this, she aims to create work that remembers and celebrates people who have been lost in translation or forced to be forgotten; creating tangible documentation of their existence and brilliance. 

You can find more of her work on her website: or Instagram: @mah.lie.yuh 

Listen to the artist

Meet the artist

Malaya Tuyay will be at SOMArts on Thursday, April 16, 6:30–9pm! Visit The Ramp Gallery for a chance to meet the artist, talk about their work and inspiration, have a drink and enjoy their artwork! While you’re here, stop by the Unbound Roots Presents Liberation as part of the Unbound Roots exhibition.

Image above courtesy of the artist. 

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