We Be Gods: The Conversation with Dr. Wade and Dr. Vera L. Nobles

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African deities have always existed, reflecting the spiritual practices of diverse ethnic societies in Africa. On Thursday, January 27, 4:00–6:00 PM PST, join Dr. Wade and Dr. Vera L. Nobles in conversation with The Black Woman is God curator and founder Karen Seneferu and contemporary fine artist and painter Malik Seneferu as they discuss what it means for Black men and women to view each other as God figures within the African Diaspora and African itself. This free, virtual program looks at how Africans defined Gods for themselves before the onset of colonialism and its bias disruptions of gender structures.

Dr. Wade Nobles
Dr. Vera L. Nobles
Karen Seneferu
Malik Seneferu

Artwork credit: Ajuan Mance, The Bottle Tree at the End of the Universe. Image courtesy of the artist.

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