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SOMArts Spring Fundraiser
SOMArts’ Garden
June 4, 2022, 6–9 PM PST

We’re excited to welcome the community back for FATE & FORTUNE, our Spring fundraiser! Held in SOMArts’ garden on Saturday, June 4, we’re seeking volunteers to help make this evening a joyful gathering.

By becoming a volunteer, you get to an exclusive, behind the scenes look at how arts organizations bring their events to life! You will meet artists and curators and support the production of SOMArts’ multidisciplinary events and exhibitions while gaining experience in events production. Learn more about our FATE & FORTUNE volunteer opportunities below.

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Box office

Every party needs a warm welcome. Join our welcoming team and help us check in artists, performers, and guests. In this role you will get a first look at all the shining outfits and you’ll meet tons of incredible people.

This position will have chairs to sit and no heavy lifting.

Artist & Performer Liaison

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next creative project then this role is for you! As a liaison to artists & performers you will support artists in making sure their vision for the night is executed.

This position will be on your feet with some lifting.

Friends of SOMArts supporter

Want to make friends to visit more galleries with? We want to keep access to art free and low cost. Help us grow our community of supporters and artists by encouraging invites to support SOMArts.

This position will have chairs to sit and no heavy lifting.

Silent auction table/Donation collector

Help us secure the bag! In this role you will get to talk to all the fabulous guests and woo them into helping us continue to create experiences like this one continue.

This position will have chairs to sit and no heavy lifting.


Looking for all the friends who stay to help clean after a party! Help us by making sure our gallery stays clean and safe. This means collecting trash, helping chairs stay in order, and making sure no spills stay on the floor for long.

This position will be on your feet with some lifting.

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At the core of the organization’s impact is the dedicated service of our volunteer community. Volunteers connect with an organization that continues to be deeply rooted in the community, committed to values of arts equity, and actively engaged in the San Francisco Bay Area’s arts ecosystem. SOMArts’ passionate and generous volunteers are indispensable to achieving our goals as a cultural center. Help us bring our groundbreaking program of exhibitions and events to the community: Join our group of talented volunteers and gain valuable non profit experience while getting an enriching, behind the scenes look at our innovative programs.


In conjunction with SOMArts’ diverse, creative exhibitions, we host various programs including; receptions, panel discussions, community dinners, performances, and other exciting events. Our volunteers fulfill a variety of important roles that support all areas of event operations.

  • Visitor Experience
  • Box Office & Concessions
  • Gallery Monitor
  • Vendor Market Assistance
  • Photo & Video Documentation

In conjunction with our annual Dia de los Muertos exhibition, SOMArts offers docent-led tours for over 30 Bay Area schools and after school programs, serving 700+ students. Tour curricula centers around social justice pedagogies that connect theory to practice, and arts to activism. Our volunteers fulfill a variety of roles that supports gallery and tour operations such as:

  • Gallery Attendant
  • Education Tours & Docent

Stay Connected & Stay Engaged!

We are ramping back up with fun and exciting creative programs and events to re-engage with our amazing volunteers.

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