Sixth Street Photography at The Ramp Gallery

The Achromatic Garden In 2000 SOMArts built a  darkroom space for the Sixth Street Photography workshop.  Jones, began teaching the advanced class, and went on to oversee the workshop entirely.  It was a practice of the workshop to have new students learning black and white film photography to begin by photographing SOMArts garden. Jones continued this practice as a way of evaluating each student as well as, help them develop a creative voice and, emotional insight. [...]

Vasudhaa Narayanan at The Ramp Gallery

Kutty - The Youngest One My grandparents are from Madurai, a small temple town in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Having migrated to Nigeria when I was 3, I visited them in the summers and occasional winters, always dreading the harsh heat, my grandparents' company and their Tamilian identity - their rituals, prayers, festivals, and habits embarrassed me. I rejected them as an attempt to present myself as a modern cosmopolitan city child. Now as [...]

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