SOMArts’ Please Stand By is a donation campaign that transforms the passivity of waiting into the power of solidarity.

Drawing inspiration from television signal interruptions, this campaign is intended to demonstrate that Bay Area artists and arts advocates can stand together even as we must shelter apart, by leveraging digital opportunities for connection and disruption.  

Due to the cancellation of our annual fundraiser we will experience a $45,000 loss in our budget. That funding is essential for supporting artists while keeping our programming free or low-cost, ensuring that all our guests can experience the power of art without economic barriers.

Your tax-deductible donation ensures that SOMArts can continue to deliver the radical and accessible programming that has been a staple of San Francisco’s arts community for over four decades.

On Saturday, June 20, 6:30 pm, SOMArts’ Please Stand By campaign culminates with a virtual Summer Solstice.

Inspired by 90’s telethons and late-night infomercials, this can’t- be-missed online event features performance and video from groundbreaking artists Sister Mantos, Creature, MACRO WAVES, and Lukaza Branfman–Verissimo and more!

Tickets for Please Stand By: Virtual Summer Solstice directly go toward our fundraising goal of $45,000!

For over 40 years SOMArts has stood by the Bay Area arts and culture community. 
At this critical time we ask you to Please Stand By SOMArts.

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