Listen to the artist:

Monica Valdez interested in creating objects constructed out of fragments from everyday reality. Picking from parts of reality: whether it be pastries, plant-life, clothing, architecture, and then transforming them into something other than what we are used to seeing. Aiming to create some sort of unknown sculptural presence in a pictorial realm. Also, transforming these objects into something twisted and unusual, in order to re-orient ourselves with very familiar objects. For instance, the painted objects allow for a more personal orientation with the everyday world. In this way, the relationship between the known and the unknown world of objects is what Valdez finds fascinating. Valdez process: taking apart forms, abstracting forms we enjoy and are so familiar with, in order to express a more personal understanding of the world we live in.

Furthermore, drawing from aspects of architecture connected with a walk in a grove, and witnessing a dead tree wrapped up in fungus. Experiencing the heaviness and solidness of an intense color of a flower and mixing that with the roundness of a soft fondant wedding cake. When Valdez thinks back about experiences it is the characteristics that have become memorable. These aspects form a whole image in Valdez’s work derived from reality and transformed into something that even the artist can’t recognize at times.

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Kevin B. Chen


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