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Future Relations: A Resource for Radical Teaching presents F.T.P. is the first exhibition of SOMArts 2019-20 Curatorial Residency season. With a combined 30 years of teaching experience, curators Fred Alvarado, Thomas Jones, and David Petrelli reimagine SOMArts’ Main Gallery into a site for collective liberation and hope for educators, community organizers, and youth alike.

Critically engaged teachers work collaboratively with young people in confronting and subverting systemic oppression. Through an Ethnic Studies, social justice oriented lens, Future Relations offers alternatives to traditional models of education by presenting works that underscore the importance of experiential knowledge and community cultural wealth. 

Future Relations closes with a State of Education Game Night on Thursday, December 19th, 2019, 6-9pm. This free, all ages program includes a discussion on education in the Bay Area and California, and a time traveling workshop inspired by Octavia Butler. Facilitated by Lauren Marie Taylor, Dr. Karl Debro, William Ochoa, and Anna Chuon, State of Education Game Night is an exercise in visualizing a more equitable and just future through acts of play and imagination. 

Anna Chuon
Cristina Haley
Dr.Karl Debro
Lauren Marie Taylor
Rachel Schaffran
William Ochoa

Roberto Leni

Fred Alvarado
Thomas Jones
David Petrelli

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