Radical Realness: Drag and Queer Revolution Youth Workshop

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From Stonewall to Rupaul, drag has been central to queer life from the very beginning. As the art form establishes itself as a pop culture mainstay, how do we preserve drag’s revolutionary beginnings? Join radical performance trio Toxic Waste Face for an online crash course in drag’s lesser-known herstories as we excavate the genre’s punk rock past to envision an equally transgressive future. Set your makeup and strap into some heels, because this is what they aren’t showing on TV!

On Saturday, May 30, 1–4pm, Radical Realness offers an inspiring counterpoint to the popular drag narratives showcased in movies and tv. Part conversation, part radical art history lesson, this workshop is designed to connect LGBTQI+ community members and their allies to drag’s alternative narratives while making space for this same ethos of bold experimentation to carry the genre forward.

Join us on a tour of the drag you didn’t know you needed!

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This program is free and open to all young adults aged 13-18.
Early registration is encouraged as there is limited space for this workshop. 

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