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The current body of work/ Installation is an invitation, an invitation into my reality, I want to invite the audience into a space that is filled with vulnerability and vagueness. I chose to create this installation with just one color, red. I chose red to emphasize the state of my emotions, like anxiety, impulsiveness, and rage. Though red evokes different emotions for others, this is what it evokes in me. The words and phrases written on the walls are words that describe my existence. I want the words and phrases in my work to speak for me, so I don’t have to be verbally vulnerable. Every piece that in this space is having a conversation with each. Though they can all stand as one, they flow better as a whole. My current, past and future work is described below as a manifesto.

I am for art that is Jean Paul Sartre, one who is trying to come to term with an over whelming existential crisis.

Art that is melancholy, a feeling for a piece of art I have yet to create.

I am the living embodiment of a Lars von Trier film, specifically “Melancholia”.

I am art like a somber night.

I am an Artist that looks for meaning of my existence in everything.

I am that plastic bag floating in a busy street. (American Beauty).

An artist that fails to see any beauty in the world.

I am for art, inner desires we cannont commit in our controlled civilization.

I am art that is banal like an abstrast painting.

I am the child burning ants with a magnifying glass.

I am the loneliness that feels a crowed room.

I am for art “Riding with Death” by Jean Micheal Basquiat.

I am the something that is messing in a card game seen through the eyes of Paul C Zanne.

An artist that is filled with the absurdity and fragility of human existence, depicted in “Walking Man I” Alberto Giacometti.

I am vapid, as vapid as a Micheal Bay Film.

I am “Wanderer above the sea fog” always dwelling on self-reflection, for art that is always self-searching, and for art that is always looking for meaning.

I am for art, laying in soft grass on a breezy day.

Art that forms the bond between child and mother.

I am for art of “The Kiss” (Klimt), the art of love that cannot be explained, that love that cannot be disrupted.

I am the woman in solitary at a cafè, consumed and lost in her own thoughts. (Edward Hooper, Automat)”.

I am “The Scream” (Edvard Munch) art of the iconic being of a painting quickly reproduced and rapidly becoming stale.

An artist that romanticizes the idea of wanderlust.

An artist that is always lost, scared, lonesome, and consumed in the unknown of the future and the world around and beyond us.

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Kevin B. Chen

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