Bay Area Deaf Arts celebrate and center the art forms and cultural expression historically rooted in the Deaf community, raising Deaf awareness in non-Deaf populations, and inviting collaboration between Hearing and Deaf artists. Curated by renowned performer and activist Antoine Hunter for SOMArts’ Curatorial Residency program, this exhibition asks us: Where are the voices of Deaf and Deaf people of color? What truths are we willing to listen to? Do you know they have more to show than just talk about Deaf culture itself?

This exhibition celebrates the shared language of the Bay Area Deaf community, American Sign Language (ASL). Hunter invites audiences to listen and learn about Deaf arts, Deaf Queer arts, Deaf BIPOC arts, Deaf women arts, Deaf with disabilities and more. The virtual gallery and accompanying programs are open to both Deaf and Hearing community members in any location around the world.

For this exhibition, we offer a virtual gallery and artist videos for viewing. These virtual experiences were produced by SOMArts to give you an in-depth look at the exhibition.

Virtual gallery

Artist videos

Drago Renteria
A Glimpse Into the Heart and Soul of La Mission, 2021

WARNING: This video may be triggering.
Be patient with yourself.

Antoine Hunter
THE trigger He SURVIVED AT 9 YEARS OLD, 2020