Muni Raised Me is an exploration of belonging; to a land that is not ours, that we will never own, but that we owe. As an exhibition features all San Francisco born and raised artists, it is our birthright to tell our story of San Francisco. Amid the cacophony of special interests that dictate so much of the City, those of us who were raised by San Francisco have our own tale to tell.

Muni, the public transit system of San Francisco, has wheeled millions of us; young people, elders, workers, and partiers across this seven by seven square for years.

Public means “of the people”. Those of us who depend on public transit, public education, public housing, and public parks by default embodies the City’s soul and culture. But the “public” has always been fraught with state violence and corporate, colonial dominance, and the last two decades have left us close witnesses to the deepened segregation and wealth inequality.

Muni Raised Me is a bat signal to the remaining, a gathering of the hyphy and joyful to remember what we had and who we are. Part eulogy, part dance party, this exhibition is a celebration of San Francisco.

Meymey Lee
Sasha Vu
Celi Tamayo-Lee

Exhibiting Artists
Erina Alejo
Alyssa Aviles
Emilio Miguel Diaz
Eryn Kimura
Ling Ling Lee
Lorenzo Tamayo-Lee
Melan Allen
Meymey Lee
MC Amable
Reese Adams-Romagnoli
Sasha Vu
Sophia Mitguard
tanea lunsford lynx

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