Phatima Rude

Phatima Rude Hosts The News

February 7, 2017, 7–9pm

On the first Tuesday of each month, SOMArts Cultural Center presents The News, featuring new, queer work by Bay Area artists. The News is a monthly cabaret evening that spotlights 10-minute or less performance pieces, experiments, and works in progress by pre-selected solo artists, groups, or troupes.

On Tuesday, February 7, Phatima Rude will guest-host a very special edition of The News to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of the series’ founding! With this iteration of The News, Phatima will take audiences all the way back to her first concert in 1985. Believing that beauty and music are in everything — even harshness and intensity — prepare for an evening of interdisciplinary performance that will challenge you to question normative expectations of beauty.

Don’t miss this night of celebration featuring incredible artists Evan Johnson, Peter Griggs, Jillian Gnarling, James Rouse Iñiguez (Jimmy Swear) and wild card Peter Max Lawrence!

Curator Biography: Phatima Rude is a semi-living legend, gender-fluid performance artist with a penchant for the absurdity of life. Rude uses the dialect of drag to manifest the art of life.

Performer Biographies:

EVAN JOHNSON is the actor/creator of two solo works, PANSY (New Conservatory Theatre Center) and Don’t Feel: The Death of Dahmer(Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory). Don’t Feel was featured in the Bay Guardian’s year-end-review as one of the best theatre productions of 2010. PANSY has been shown in San Francisco (NCTC, SAFEHouse for the Arts), Blue Lake, CA (Dell’Arte International), Portland, OR (Post5 Theatre) and New York City (United Solo Festival at Theatre Row).

jillian gnarling is a vocalist and drag artist out of the bay area. she’s been known to sing a sweet tune and blur a mean line between drag, burlesque and performance art. you truly never know what to expect when she hits the stage! will it be a tissue for your tears? or a barf bag for your… you get the idea! while we may not know what’s coming, we know we can always expect to razzled and fully dazzled by this queen!

James Rouse Iñiguez is a multidisciplinary artist whose mediums include music, writing, spoken word and drag. He has performed regularly on the West Coast since 1995 with such acts as The Swelling Clock (theater troupe), Muñecas (band), Cocktailgate (drag show), Cubcake (DJ residency), and Nerdbastards (contributing author). He’s a Pisces-Pisces-Cancer that enjoys sativa, dragons and long walks to the taqueria.

Image credit: Phatima Rude, image courtesy of the artist.

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