Zerena Diaz in the Ramp Gallery

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Visions of a Queer Future explores the queering of landscapes and science fiction. Genderqueer and trans species coexist and intermix with the landscapes, forming a familiar-strange universe. Fantasy and science fiction are used to re-imagine our relationship with our bodies and the physical space around us. Envision a colorful future where divisions between all life forms are contradicted, and the distinction between plant and animal, life and matter become blurred. These divisions along with borders, genders, races, and species, are not truths, but firmly held beliefs that dissipate in a queer future. Each body is in transformation, leaving labels behind. With fluorescent visions of anthropomorphic gender queer beings and places this series shows the vibrancy of fluidity.

Visions of a Queer Future is a manifestation of alternate futures, ones that disturb gendered expectations and stereotypes, and celebrate gender nonconformity.

About Zerena Diaz
Zerena Diaz is an interdisciplinary artist working across the mediums of performance, video, printmaking, and painting. Her subjects are identity and the body and she works towards exposing the forced normativity of our bodies in order to refuse biased beauty expectations. Her practice centers on de-marginalizing queer people, celebrating and normalizing difference, and representing the unique experiences of people existing in the periphery. Women, Femmes, and Queer people defying patriarchal and white supremacist beauty norms in order to be visible, to honor their true selves, to be representation for others despite daily violence, continues to be a strong motivating factor in Zerena’s art and personal life. Her influences span across drag culture, taboo internet communities, queer activists, body modification, and transhumanism.

The focus of her work over the last year has been centered on Queer Femmes defying objectification and owning their sexualities and bodies. Representations of close friends, imagined selves, and eccentric iconoclasts, together reclaim the beauty that is present in all bodies. These works have included both conventional and unconventional materials and methods in order to reproduce, incriminate, and recreate our reality. Zerena is based in Oakland, CA with a B.F.A from UC Berkeley.


About the Ramp Gallery
The Ramp Gallery accepts exhibition proposals on a continual basis. Submission Guidelines can be found here. To purchase work on display or for more information email [email protected]. You can visit The Ramp Gallery any time SOMArts Cultural Center is open. 

 Image courtesy of Zerena Diaz 

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