Brenda Morales and Adrianna Alejo Sorondo at The Ramp Gallery

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Too Much Pero Not Enough

In their newest body of work Brenda Morales and Adrianna Alejo Sorondo are decoloninzing what is considered “fine art”. They approach mediums in a way that acknowledges their ephemerality to convey their ideologies. By using a multimedia perspective to contrast the physicality of stolen indigenous sculptures, they attempt to convey similar emotions and concepts without them being able to be physically taken from space. Morales and Sorondo also focus on the dichotomy of the physical and emotional by having the body presented as vessel and hands in constant action. 

About the artists

Brenda Morales is a 24 year old artist working in Fresno, California. She studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Morales creates video and installation pieces that focus on personal experiences living as a first generation Chicana through  the dichotomy of natural and artificial landscapes. 

Adrianna Alejo Sorondo is a mixed media artist, CODA, and naturalista in Fresno, California. Focused on ritual and genetic memory, her work highlights the spiritual and physical resilience of people over time through the tending of gardens, turning poison into medicine. 

Listen to the artists

Meet the artists

Brenda Morales and Adrianna Alejo Sorondo will be at SOMArts on Thursday, February 20, 6:30–9pm! Visit The Ramp Gallery for a chance to meet the artists, talk about their work and inspiration, have a drink and enjoy their artwork! While you’re here, stop by the Neurodivergent Media Workshop as part of the Recoding CripTech exhibition.

To learn more about Brenda and Adrianna’s work please visit: Brenda Morales & Adrianna Alejo Sorondo 

Image above: Too Much pero Never Enough by Brenda Morales and Adrianna Alejo Sorondo 

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