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Hermanas de Sangre explores the sacred and intimate moments of Chiyó and Naomi’s childhood growing up in the Mission district of San Francisco. It showcases not only the deep love and emotional tie they have with each other but with a neighborhood that is rapidly changing due to gentrification. It focuses on reclaiming space through their unbreakable bond as a form of resistance.

Hermanas de Sangre advocates for youth development – 100% of the proceeds will go to Mission Girls, a nonprofit program that provides various recreational, diversion, prevention, and intervention tools to young girls.

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Listen to the artist talk about their work:

About Thalia Gochez
Thalia Gochez is a first generation Mexican/Salvadorian film photographer, Creative Director and fashion stylist based in San Francisco. Thalia centers her work on POC visual representation in the creative Field. She focuses not only on building a platform for people of color, but deepening a sense of belonging and safety in an industry that tends to solely focus on one narrative.

You can find her work at:
Instagram: @thaliagochez

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