Salome El at The Ramp Gallery

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Salome El
Higher Self
November 9th, 2022 – February 6th, 2023

Featured image: Embrace

About the exhibition

Higher self is a photo based mix media self portraiture exploration. At the base, Salome El uses themselves to create narratives encompassed in wax to explore their dealings with depression and general state of being. This body of work marks a crossover for them, as they are moving into a spiritual route dabbling in higher self concepts.

Salome’s exhibition is on view from November 9th, 2022 – February 6th, 2023

About the artist

Hailing from Atlanta, GA but in the Bay long enough to call it their home, Salome El is an artist with a background in photography who primarily shoots self portraiture. Their portraits mixed with wax symbolize their past battles with depression and are slowly moving towards spiritual themes. An introvert by nature, they can be found at home with their new kitten.

A Ramp Gallery interview

Turning to higher self for guidance, a conversation with Salome El

After installing their artwork at The Ramp Gallery, Salome joined me upstairs and spoke about their latest exhibition, Higher self. We talk candidly about Salome’s design choices, their mental health explorations, and the realizations that come from doing inner child work.

Read our full interview with Salome here

Artwork in the show

Small case

Photo transfer onto wood panel wax, self portrait
18″ x 24″ 

Big case
Left to right

Photo transfer onto wood panel wax, self portrait
18″ × 24″

Higher Self
Photo transfer onto canvas encaustic paint, self portrait
24″ x 46″

Photo transfer onto wood panel wax, self portrait

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