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Whether you fancy yourself an artist or have two left thumbs when it comes to creative production, you can try something new alongside some of the Bay Area’s most talented emerging artists. Join the exhibiting artists in The San Francisco Foundation & SOMArts Annual Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition for a free-to-attend afternoon of artist-led creative workshops on Saturday, September 28, 1–4pm.

Regardless of your skill level, the only prerequisite is that you bring a sense of adventure—you’ll find out your two workshop assignments when you arrive. We’ll try to honor at least one of your preferences.


Spinning Workshop, facilitated by Margot Becker
In this quick introduction to drop spinning participants will learn how to spin yarn from wool. This workshop will show the physics of yarn making and provide insight to the mysteries of cloth production. While only a small amount of yarn can be made in 30 minutes it is a gratifying process to make ones own string with a simple tool. The participants can either take their newly spun yarn home with them or add it to a communal frame loom weaving which will showcase the hand spun textures made that day. Open to all ages.

Printing without a Press, facilitated by Megan Hinton
Megan Hinton will give a demonstration on monotype image transfer. Learn to make multiple painterly prints in mirror image with a few basic materials. Open to all ages.

Finding One’s Plant Lore: Creative plant-based practices for collective storytelling and communal grief work, facilitated by Nicole Shaffer
In this workshop I’ll present the practice of making ephemeral plant based memorials as a creative means to reclaim, bring visibility to, alter, and/or bare witness to sites that have been imprinted with a trauma – personal, ancestral, or collective – that persist to affect our daily lives. Using plants from my art practice as an example, we will discuss a variety of means of accessing one’s own personal plant lore as well as explore together the possibilities of form these memorials might take. The second part of the workshop will be the hands on creation on mini-memorials that participants can take home, using cut flowers and foliage to engage with the potential in plants for meaning-making, storytelling, and multi-senatorial engagement. This workshop will include heavy content. Workshop is ideal for 18 years old +

Coconut Workshop Deluxe, facilitated by Cristine Blanco
Coconut tasting followed by hands-on instruction on cracking coconuts and making milk.


Step 1 (right now!): Register on Eventbrite. Make yourself a note to arrive by 1pm on the day of the event to be guaranteed a schedule.

Step 2 (by 1pm): Check-in to the SOMArts lobby to receive your two workshop assignments, chosen at random. If your workshops don’t appeal to you, do what you were never allowed to do in school: grab a drink & swap schedules socially with other students before the bell rings. Also, spend some time with the art in the gallery!

Step 3: Get creative! Try your hand at the creative processes of some of the Bay Area’s most promising emerging artists.

San Francisco Foundation & SOMArts Annual Murphy and Cadogan Art Awards Exhibition and related events are free to attend and take place at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA.

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