Jess Wu in the Ramp Gallery

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EVERYBODY SK8s is a series of original illustrated portraits and interviews featuring skateboarders of all abilities who identify as femmes of color, and non-binary people of color. These simple black and white illustrations, along with mini interviews come from the EVERYBODY SK8s ZINE series made by Jess Wu, also known as *mixed rice zines*. Because skate culture has been predominately focused on narratives of white, hetero, cis-gendered men, folx need to talk about why femmes and queers feel unsafe at skateparks or on the street. Why there is a culture of appropriation and oppression…from white dreads and racist skate language, to problematic artwork on skateboard decks. This is why its so important to represent skaters of color, especially women, trans, and non-binary skaters. For Jess, skateboarding acts as a form of expression, community building, and self care <3

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About Jess Wu
Jess Wu (they/them pronouns) is a taiwanese-pacific-american queer illustrator and zinester based in the SF Bay Area. They make zines under the name *mixed rice zines*, and their work focuses on representing QTPOC (queer & trans people of color), and mixed race experiences. Jess plays drums and guitar in a band called mini with their bffs, and spends their free time skating, drawing, and trying to dismantle systems of oppression. // @mixedricezines on instagram

Image courtesy of Jess Wu

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