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Las Caras De Las Calles

Fabiola Gamino embodies her art; you see her work, you see Fabiola through it. Feeling like Esperanza in, The House on Mango Street, while walking down the colors of 24th, on an empty bus under the rain, swinging open her front gate to a volume of neighbors, each a parallel of another unit. San Francisco is poetry in itself. Running into her sisters, pieces of a childhood people she tries to remember and people she tries to forget. The inherited 6th sense that kicks in seeing bright yellow vests invade our bus line, learning one end of the city to the next without walking more than 5 minutes. Restaurants we casually passed as kids become postcard memories aging with time. This work reflects our street soldiers, artists and activists, first through 7th generations, beings who build the city day by day, all unknowingly building a photograph she happen to come across.

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About Fabiola Gamino 

Fabiola Corona Gamino is a 20 year old artist, student and educator born and raised in San Francisco, California. She has been practicing photography since the age of 15, transitioning from an introductory digital phase to what would become a lifelong dedication to film. Fabiola’s work focuses primarily on scenes from the streets, the gradual change influencing the Mission District, and overall forgotten bits, pieces and faces of San Francisco that make the beautiful City what it is. She has published two magazines containing work ranging from 2014 to 2019.

To learn more about Fabiola please visit: Fabiola Gamino

Image above: Las Hermanas by Fabiola Gamino

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