On May 4, 2021, the City and County of San Francisco stated that the City has met the criteria to move into the Yellow tier. This allows San Francisco to reopen and expand some indoor activities, including museums and limited in person events. SOMArts’s gallery is open and operating at below 5% capacity instead of the approved 50% to maximize staff, tenant, and guest safety. All in-person classes will remain closed until further notice.

Additionally, we’ve compiled an ongoing list of
COVID–19 resources.

Click the links below to review SOMArts’ documents:
Museum Health & Safety Plan
Office Healthy & Safety Plan
Social Distancing Plan

  • You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 10 days or have had a test confirming you have the virus.

  • In the past 10-14 days you have had “close contact” with anyone who has COVID-19 during their contagious period.

    “Close contact” means having any of following interactions with someone with COVID-19 while they were contagious (they are contagious 48 hours before their symptoms began until at least 10 days after the start of symptoms). If the person with COVID-19 never had symptoms, they are contagious 48 hours before their COVID-19 test was collected until 10 days after they were tested.

    – Within 6 feet of them for a total of 15 minutes or more in a 24-hour period

    – Having direct contact with their bodily fluids (coughed or sneezed on you or shared food utensils)

    – Living or staying overnight with them

    – Having physical or intimate contact including hugging and kissing

    – Taking care of them, or having them take care of you

  • In the last 24 hours, including today, you have had ANY of the symptoms below, that is new or not explained by another condition? Fever (100.4oF/38oC or greater) • Chills or shivering • Cough • Sore throat • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing • Headache • Feeling unusually weak or fatigued • Vomiting or diarrhea • Loss of taste or smell • Runny or congested nose • Muscle or body aches • Nausea

    If symptomatic, assume the possibility carrying COVID-19, and follow the Home Isolation and Quarantine guidelines.

  • Please visit the links below for the full self-screening form:







The COVID-19 virus travels in the air and collects indoors: Your risk is much higher indoors. The virus can spread more than six feet. Older adults and those with health risks should avoid indoor settings with crowds.

Timed Entry: SOMArts Cultural Center will be implementing time-based entry with reservations every 30 minutes. Your ticket indicates the 30-minute time slot within which you’ll be permitted to enter the gallery so that we can stagger incoming guests. Once admitted, guests can stay as long social distancing best practices allow room for guests entering after you.

Group Reservations: In accordance with San Francisco Health Directive No. 2020-32e, group reservations are allowed but must follow distancing and masking protocols

Reservations: All guests are required to register for a timed entry ticket online prior to their visit. Please note that there will be a limited number of tickets per day to ensure that we do not exceed capacity.

Walk Ups: Walk ups for Sowing Agency are welcome, however, entry to the exhibition will be dependent on building capacity. To ensure entry, we recommend reserving a timed ticket.

Onsite staff: Follow any instructions from SOMArts’ on–duty COVID–19 Safety Managers. If you need assistance or have questions during your visit, please contact a SOMArts staff member. They will be located at the check-in desk and throughout the building and can be identified by their badge.

Rescheduling: It’s crucial to the safety and health of our community that those who are feeling sick stay home. If you have a cough or fever, a SOMArts staff can help you reschedule your visit [email protected]

Building signage: Signs will be posted throughout the SOMArts facilities outlining safety measures that reflect city and state regulations. Please observe and follow signage while you are in the space.

Masks: All guests, including children over the age of 3, must wear a well fitted face mask at all times. Masks should be well-fitting and must not sag below the nose. Do not wear vented masks.

Practice self and collective care: All guests and staff are required to wear well fitted masks (vented masks not permitted), and maintain social distancing while at SOMArts. Hand wash or use contactless hand sanitizer found throughout the building before and after touching any surface.

Food and Drink: There is no eating or drinking allowed inside SOMArts.


Arrival: Please arrive at your allotted time frame to avoid congestion at the exhibition entrance and have your ticket ready to be scanned.

Checking in: You must check in with SOMArts’ staff upon arrival and before entry into the Main Gallery. Be prepared to give your name at check-in.

Contactless Self Assessment: All guests are required to fill out a self assessment form upon arrival. Children will need a parent or guardian to fill out the form for them. QR codes will be posted at the entry points where guests can fill out the form on their phones. If you are having difficulty or do not have access to a smartphone, a SOMArts staff member will be available to assist you.

Restrooms: Please ask SOMArts’ staff if restroom access is needed.

Need Help? If you are having difficulty, a SOMArts staff member will be available to assist you.


Handrails, doorknobs, restroom surfaces, restroom fixture handles, equipment, and other touchable surfaces are sanitized on staff arrival and as needed throughout the day.


SOMArts has touch-free paper-towels dispensers, soap dispensers, and faucets in all public restrooms. A freestanding hand-washing station is placed at entry.

SOMArts has hand sanitizer dispensers installed at each entrance and public restroom with additional units throughout the space.

As per San Francisco Museum Health Directive, all water fountains have been temporarily decommissioned.


As of January 2021, SOMArts has installed high-volume air outtake fans along one length of our building with corresponding intake venting along the opposite length, ensuring a constant displacement of interior air with fresh outdoor air.

Additionally, SOMArts has a loading dock with large, openable roll-up door at one end of our Event Space, a silent high-velocity 12ft fan at its other end, doors to the building exterior throughout both our Event and Main Gallery spaces, and mechanical ventilation as part of our heating system around our Theater Space. Our Event, Main Gallery, and Theater spaces all have spacious, open ceilings over 30ft high. Using a combination of these tools depending on weather and context, we can achieve strong fresh airflow throughout our interconnected public spaces.

In our public restrooms we’ve added additional floor standing HEPA fan-based filtration units to complement existing overhead ventilation.

Our tenant offices and upstairs classrooms are lined with openable windows. Additional fans and floor-standing HEPA fan-based filtration units are available for classrooms and offices without openable windows and rotated based on need, used in conjunction with crossflow through open doors throughout these spaces. We are restricting access to areas with poor air flow.

photographs courtesy of Helena Gonzalez Martinez


SOMArts’ Event Rentals team is ready to showcase a host of digital and in person services for clients who are pivoting to virtual streaming productions.

For small-crew streaming productions we’ve implemented a number of safety protocols including:

  • Masks required by crew at all times
  • Bathroom assignments for cast and crew
  • Dedicated dressing rooms
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the building
  • Mobile touchless hand washing stations in production spaces
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols
  • Strict adherence to all state and local guidelines
  • Trained and certified COVID Safety Officers on site

Learn more about SOMArts’ virtual streamings services here!