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Murphy & Cadogan 2020: Monica Valdez

Listen to the artist: Monica Valdez interested in creating objects constructed out of fragments from everyday reality. Picking from parts of reality: whether it be pastries, plant-life, clothing, architecture, and then transforming them into something other than what we are used to seeing. Aiming to create some sort of unknown sculptural presence in a pictorial realm. Also, transforming these objects into something twisted and unusual, in order [...]

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Murphy & Cadogan 2020: John Joseph Contreras Romero

Listen to the artist: John Joseph Contreras Romero describes their art as: Writing about my work my first instinct is to talk about my experiences as a Veteran of the Afghanistan war; a first-generation college student, a son of immigrants but what I am really most interested in addressing within my work are ideas of access, violence, power and the breaking out of one’s place or position. [...]

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Murphy & Cadogan 2020: Leonard Reidelbach

Listen to the artist: Leonard Reidelbach is a painter and printmaker with a background in community arts programming. Born in Richmond, VA, he has lived in Brooklyn, NY, New Orleans, LA, and now lives and works in San Francisco, CA. He holds a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (2012) and is a current MFA candidate at San Francisco State University (2022). In 2020, he received [...]

2021-02-20T00:44:30-08:00October 1, 2020|Categories: Artist Feature|

Murphy & Cadogan 2020: Claudia Huenchuleo Paquien

Listen to the artist: Claudia Huenchuleo Paquien (She/Her) is a multimedia artist based in the city of San Francisco, California. Her work interrogates the way in which memory, culture and race function in relation to Indigenous contemporary identities. Her work reflects on feelings of sadness, nostalgia and dislocation to bring together narratives that interrogate the status quo and notions of diaspora, resistance, and colonialism. Her practice is [...]

2021-02-20T07:04:09-08:00October 1, 2020|Categories: Artist Feature|
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